Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Get focused, in-depth training on the skills, tools, and techniques you need to create a cohesive and effective online marketing strategy

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Feb 19 – 23 2018. In Sarasota, FL 

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Internationally Recognized Certification

Employers and professional around the world have come to value the standards, best practices, and deep skills our graduates bring to the table.

Curriculum Validated By Top Industry Professional

Our syllabus advisor council consists of professional from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and other top digital brands.

Multiple Leanring Options Availble

Learn your way. We provide you with the options that suit your learning preference.

  • Live classroom training (5 Days)
  • Live instructor-led online (5 Days)
  • Moderate paced live 1 evening a week (8 weeks)

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What you’ll learn
Get the in-demand skills you need to hit the ground running

Search Engine Optimization

Understand and leverage the core concepts of SEO. Topics include on-page optimization, keyword research, link building, and more.

Search Marketing (PPC)

Learn the importance of PPC advertising and how it can drive quality traffic to you. Topics include Adwords, Budgets, Ad copy and more.

Digital Display Advertising (DDA)

Create and implement effective DDA campaigns. Topics include Ad Formats, Ad Feature, Display frequency, Target audience and more.

E-Mail Marketing

Cover the 4 foundational aspects of email marketing. 1) Data capture and segmentation, 2) design and content, 3) Deliver, and 4) reporting.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Develop the skills to engage, listen, and sell to your customer on social channels. Topics include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Mobile Marketing

Discover the key concepts that underpin mobile marketing topics include SMS, Mobile Apps, Proximity marketing, Opportunities, and risks.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure, Monitor, and Optimize your digital marketing activity. Topics include Google Analytics, Funnels, Bounce rate, and more.

Digital Strategy and Planning

Build a formal digital marketing plan for your organization. topics include situation analysis, key perfomance indicators, goals, and more.
What you’ll recevie
In addition all students will receive the following materials
The Art of Digital Marketing
Serving as the textbook for our course this 400-page study guide aligns perfectly with the professional diploma in Ddigital Marketing certification exam. It contains 10 chapters mapped to the modules above. It also includes additional reference material and resources which will not only aid you in your certification pursuits but will make the perfect desk reference book for your professional activities.
Hands on Excersie Guide
Go beyond the lecture with our exclusive exercise guide. Jam packed with 80 hands on practical exercises tied directly to the core modules we explore in class. You will leave class having practiced the techniques and technologies rather then just having heard about them
Workbook with a copy of our over 1,000 slides
We know how important it is to take notes and jot down quick ideas while class is in session. It’s also handy to have a fast and easily summarized reference of the course while you study for the exam. With this in mind, we’ve created this workbook with a copy of slides used in class for your convenience.
Exam Voucher
Attending our course is just the 1st step in the process. To get the maximum value and receive the career-boosting benefits you will want to take the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Exam. We will provide an exam voucher for you to use at your nearest Pearson Vue testing center when you’re ready to take the test.
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Live in Sarasota, FL

Feb 19, 2o18 – Feb 23, 2018

Mon – Fri 9 am – 4 pm EST


Here is what some of our certified professionals have to say..

“After some research, I made the conclusion that Digital Marketing Institute was the most complete program and covered all the needed areas to acquire my digital skills.”

Paloma Juncos, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

“I believe the evolution of digital media opened up a completely new channel of marketing. It had been 8 years since I completed my MBA in Marketing and the skills & knowledge I had needed an upgrade to move ahead in my career.”

Vivek Sagar, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

I did some research online and contacted a number of different organisations who run courses in digital marketing. Ultimately, I was happy with the Digital Marketing Institute’s costs, industry lead tutors and reputation.”

Karen Bergin, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Our Promises to you
What you can expect from us

1. Small Class Sizes

Delivering the best possible support, and in-class experience is of crucial importance to us. As such we limit all class to no more 25 individuals to ensure our trainers will be there for you every step of the way.

2. Flexible Class Schedules

Whether you want the immersive experience of a five day in person class, the travel free benefits of an online class, or the are flexibility and freedom of an evening class we have you covered.

3. Free Class Re-Take

If for some reason you are not successful at your first attempt at passing the exam. We will without question allows to you re-take a complete class at any time that is convenient to you.
Frequently asked questions
Common questions and concerns from prospective students
There are so many people teaching internet marketing. What makes you different?

Even the simplest searches for digital marketing will reveal a plethora of learning options. However, while some of those options may, in fact, be good, it’s tough to discern the good ones from the bad.

The core difference in our program is our curriculum isn’t based on one person’s belief or what may have worked for them at some point in the past. All the content in our curriculum has been vetted and validated by the experts in our Syllabus Advisory Council.

The experts chosen to sit on our council work for many of the leading digital brands and platforms and have deep and varying experiences which they add to our programs. Members work for organizations such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, which are often the same platforms you will use as a digital marketer to achieve your goals.

How can you claim to be an International standard in education and certification?

Our curriculum is taught in over 80 countries around the world. In addition to being taught in leading training centers, Our courses are taught as for credit courses in top universities and college in Europe and beyond.

With over 18,000 certified professionals working for everyone from Fortune 500 companies, local non-profits, or as freelancers. You will find our certified professionals working and assisting organizations globally.

Whether you take our course in Dubai, Tokyo, Syndey or New York all of courses are taught to the same standard and curriculum. Our classes are built to give you a skillset that will work for you anywhere on Earth.

It’s with this degree of dedication and success of both our curriculum and our students that we are confident in our claim to be the #1 International standard in digital marketing education and certification.

I've seen many places offering a form of certification in digital marketing. What makes yours so valuable?

There are numerous organizations, and service providers who offer some degree of certification at this point.

The issue is they are certificates in name only. Meaning many may just require your complete a certain course of study but no testing or validation. Others may have you do an online test which is an open book and provides no safeguards for the integrity of the test.  Thus, have little meaning in the marketplace.

All of our exams are administered by a private third party exam provider. We use internationally recognized exam provider Pearson Vue for delivery. Pearson Vue has test centers all over the world and can be found in many colleges and universities campus.  This allows our students and instructors to avoid any potential conflict of interest. It also provides a safe, and secure testing environment proctored by a neutral third party.

By providing this level of protection for our certification exam, we can provide employers, student’s, and their customers with confidence that the certificate you just worked hard to earn is actually of value and importance, and your skills have been validated and legitimate. They be assure you can and will bring value and benefit to their company or organization.

What if I happen to fail my certification exam? what are my options?
While we make every effort to ensure you pass your exam the first time with flying colors. It’s certainly possible that it doesn’t work out on the first attempt.
Total investment for this career boosting course is just $2,997
This includes the entire package: live Instructor-led class, all physical study material, exam voucher, and free re-take if needed