Taking a nap in the middle of the work day has been shown to enhance your cognitive ability, increase focus, and make you more creative. That being said I’m not here to talk about sleep. I want to help you rank better in your SEO efforts. N.A.P in the context of SEO stands for:

Phone Number

There are tons of listing sites, directory sites, and the ever important review sites. With all the possible places a listing for your business can spring up, it’s important that we get ahead of the curve as quickly as possible on this. Rather than let these site list our business any way they want we want to make sure that we provide, or correct the listing in a manner that our NAP information is the same across all these pages.

Now the next question is why? Put simply Google and other popular search engines, use NAP information as one of its indicators for search rank and signals such as reviews about your business. All search have one major goal above all else. It’s to provide the best possible experience for their users. When you have inconsistent or varying information about your business on numerous sites, Google doesn’t know what information is right or from which to pull from. When this occurs to provide the best experience possible, your information just won’t be pulled, and a competitor who has a clean and proper NAP information will be presented instead. Ensuring that this information is clean and consistent also shows the search engine that some effort has been expelled to sync these listing. It shows as a good sign that the user will have a better chance of having a positive engagement with your business as opposed to other options. Which in turns means the search engine choose well and the user will return for future searches.

If it seems like a tough task to find and edit all of these websites and spend an Incredibly tedious amount of time meticulously editing them. Contact us here at Clever pants marketing today. For as little as $59, we can properly format and structure your N.A.P information and then have it submitted to well over 100 review sites, listing, and directory sites. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be happy to help you move up in your SEO efforts.